//thanksgiving blessings//

:twenty two reasons to be thankful this thanksgiving:
{posting this now because i will be spending time with my family on the day}

1. Jesus died for me and loves me.
2. This beautiful couple who inspires me everyday to live my life on fire for Jesus and to not waste my life.

3. Mariah Joy Griep. This girl has seen me through the thick and thin. She has shown me what a true friend is. She has shown me how to love those difficult to love. She has shown me how to be a godly young woman while still having the time of her life. She is SO precious to me and I’m so proud to call her my best friend. I love you so much, M! <3

4. Family. Too many pics to put up now but i love them so much.

5. My amazing school North Central University. I am so blessed to be doing PSEO here and I have loved my year so far. The professors are nice and funny and fab, the other students are SO nice to me and take time out of their life to talk to me and ask me how it is going, the chapel is WONDERFUL, and the whole godly aroma is so beautiful to me. I just love this place.
6. The guys at my school hold the door open for all the girls. And I mean ALL the guys. No matter if they are single or not. Older or younger. Freshman or Senior. They all hold the door open. <3
7. The beautiful fall weather we have had.
8. The prospect of a year away with my parents and all the plans coming together. Look for a blog post soon on where we are going :)
9. Thanksgiving Break and the ability to sleep in and not have to get ready for class.
10. All my amazing friends. You know who you are. I can't thank God enough for you.
11. Knowing that I am a great sinner and that Christ is a great savior.
12. Hearing little niece and nephew voices downstairs as I write this in my room.
13. Technology and the advantages it gives me
14. The amazing ability to be a christian in a country that doesn't kill me for my faith.
15. My church. 'nough said :)

16. Iphone pictures with pretty great people.

17. Christian rap concerts feat. Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Thi’sl, Pro, KB, Tedashii,and Trip Lee.

not to mention, pretty great people to go with…

18. Not having to go to my 7:45 class this morning. Believe me, it.is.brutal.
19. My piano and guitar. I love worshipping Jesus with these instruments.
20. PINTEREST. yes, i went there. and Yes, i do pin. All.the.time. follow me at: Talitha Piper
21. New friends. I met this girl (Anna) in the late summer and ever since then have hung out every week and almost every weekend. She only lives ten minutes away from me and I love it. She came from Australia and says really cool things all the time. We tease each other countlessly and it feels weird when we spend a weekend apart. I literally cannot imagine my life without her. She is the best friend ever. (don’t worry, i have a few best friends) love you so stinkin’ much, Anna!

yep, she’s pretty cute. And I get to take her senior photos. BE. JEALOUS.

22. This thanksgiving. I get to be with all my brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. What a beautiful life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 thoughts on “//thanksgiving blessings//

  1. Blessings, the best being God himself. Keep warm. Get well. What a good idea the u.s. had when they thought up thanksgiving. At its roots a truly biblical holiday. Enjoy and stay warm.

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